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I am going to start dedicating a portion of my monthly podcast to answering questions you the listener may have regarding any topic that you would like my shamanic perspective on. Please submit your questions to:  You can remain anonymous if you like. I will notify you in advance of the date/show your question will be answered.
Join me, modern-day Shaman Omar Khayyam Yeldell, and my special guest Madame VVitch, Nicole Shook for an evening of free complimentary tarot readings on my Spirit Guided L.I.F.E. Podcast. Nicole is a natural born witch, empath, intuitive, personal coach, tarot reader, and does spiritual home cleansings. 
During these challenging times, you may find yourself more indecisive and contemplating new issues that affect you and your loved ones. Fear and uncertainty can become overwhelming, but so can the search for answers to your questions and proper direction during these troubling times. 
Monday, June 1st, 2020 at 7p-9p, call in for a reading: (323)870-4041 Madame VVitch will be conducting complimentary tarot readings to assist callers with their questions and personal challenges and concerns.
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that aired, June 1st, 2020 at 7p-9pET
Madame VVitch bio: 
I am a natural born witch and have recently come into my powers. It started when a close friend passed away in 2013: that one moment blew a huge hole in my chest. I was waking up. It started with numbers, and like bread crumbs, I followed them and started going to psychic fairs. I had this urge to live magic. I took to reading books and taking classes on intuition, house cleansings, candle spells, everything!
I volunteered at a psychic expo and was asked to join the committee. I started to find myself, taking off the layers of what others had told me I was and trusting my intuition. I found a community to belong to. It was nice to have a conversation where I didn't feel crazy! I have been a hairstylist for over 20 years and I realized I was doing readings all that time and just didn't know it.
I have a gift of listening and finding the parts of you that are either hurting and need to be healed or the parts that you are hiding from yourself. I am here to help you do the work. I believe in the light and the dark, and that you need both to be a whole person.
Contact Info:
The empathic gift is one of the hardest gifts for me to handle. It takes quite some time to learn how to fine-tune the ability and refrain from absorbing too much emotional energy. It is my belief we all have the empathic ability, we just choose to use it more freely on children and pets instead of on each other. How does one enhance the empathic gift, what are the precautions and challenges empaths face, and what are the best ways to share the empathic gift?
On Monday, May 4th, 2020 at 7p-9pET, join modern day Shaman Omar Khayyam Yeldell and his special guest, healing medium and angel card reader, Judy Angels Light Robertson; as we answer those questions and also share personal experiences and insights regarding the empathic gift. Listeners are encouraged to call in with questions, comments, or to sharepersonal experiences as an empath. 
Click HERE to read Judy Angels Light Robertson's bio and page.
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...its origins, culminating power, and spiritually overcoming its challenges
As we experience a worldwide pandemic...fear is being felt on a global scale. All the fears prior to the pandemic seem to have culminated, transformed and rushed to the forefront, now as a prominent and single fear felt by everyone: fear of death.  In dissecting this fear, however; we discover a plethora of fears bearly underneath the surface attached to religious and political authorities, even personal fears stemming from learned behavior, fearful parents, teachers, doctors..etc.
Fear of dying, fear of the unknown, fear of the government, fear of God, fear of being hurt, fear of abandonment, fear of disease, fear of being vulnerable, fear of religion, fear of war, fear of rejection, fear of equality, fear of the truth, fear of your child’s future and safety, fear of losing loved ones, fear of evil spirits and demons, fear of Satan, fear of diversity, fear of change, fear of being wrong, fear of failure, fear of being shamed and bullied, fear of the dark, fear of being loved, fear of climate change, fear of commitment, fear of dependency, fear of addiction, fear of social media, fear of digital advances, fear of intimacy, fear of being insecure, fear of poverty and homelessness, fear of harsh judgment, fear of abuse, fear of being powerless...  
If any of these resonate within you...please tune in; share your fears and concerns.
Join modern day Shaman Omar Khayyam Yeldell and his guest Shamanic practitioner, Ed Robertson, as they discuss and share insights on the topic of:  “FEAR: its origins, culminating power, and spiritual ways to overcome its challenges.” 
Monday, April 6th, 2020 at 7p-9p ET on Spirit Guided L.I.F.E. Podcast.
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"Help From The Otherside"

Connecting with deceased loved ones, Spirit Guides, power animals, and Enlightened beings.
In some way, shape, or form; many people believe in an afterlife. A place filled with our loved ones who have passed, friends, family members, even celebrities, famous leaders, and those held in high regard by many. Where did they go after death? Does Heaven really exist? Is it possible to still communicate with them and receive their assistance with our daily struggles?
We will share Shamanic insights on death and how best to cope with the loss of a loved one.  The topic of how to meet your spirit guides and power animals, as wll as enlightened beings on the otherside that are willing to assist us all along this journey we all sahre called "life"..
Join me, modern day Shaman Omar Khayyam Yeldell and my guest Shamanic practitioner Ed Robertson as we discuss the topic: “Help From The Otherside: Communicating with loved ones, guides, and enlightened beings”.. from the otherside. We will address the meaning of life cycles, death, and life after death. How best to communicate with loved ones who have passed and best ways to connect with spirit guides, power animals, and enlightened beings.
Click the link below to listen to the recording of the podcast :
Join modern day Shaman Omar Khayyam Yeldell as he discusses “Spirituality in the LGBTQ+ Community” on the Spirit Guided L.I.F.E. Podcast, Feb 10th, 2020 at 7p-9p. His special guests, who are part of the LGBTQ+ community; (and are also his siblings) will share their personal experiences and perspectives on spirituality.
Achilles Yeldell is the author of “Raised By The Bar,” his self published memoir. Manny DeJesus is a social worker at the Kings County District Attorney's Office in Brooklyn, and Dita Parlow is acquiring a BA in Special Needs Education.
What challenges did they face when coming out? How impactful was/is spirituality in their lifestyles? How does spirituality help them deal with criticisms, lack of acceptance, and discrimination? Callers are encouraged to dial in and share their opinions, experiences, and questions.
When he was 23, Achilles moved to New York City where he became a true aspiring writer cliche. In 2019, he self-published his memoir, “Raised by the Bar” which covers his 20 years working at Manhattan's biggest gay bar. He now lives in Quakertown, PA writing his next book, “Raised by the Barn.”
Emmanuel DeJesus is a Social Worker currently working at the Kings County District Attorney's Office in Brooklyn. He has a dual Masters degree in Clinical Social Work and Community Organizing from the Silberman School of Social Work. He is currently finishing a Masters degree in Educational Psychology at Hunter College. He has worked within the social services sector for the last 14 years providing services to various communities including survivors of domestic violence, homeless LGBTQ Youth, children survivors of sexual and physical abuse, and family members of homicide victims, amongst others. He aspires to enter the department of education as a school clinical social worker to specifically work in a newcomers high school in NYC.
Dita Parlow is currently residing in Miami FL. She received her Associate's degree in Education, Spring 2016 and is working on her BA in Special Needs Ed at MDC

Spirit Guided L.I.F.E. Podcast

"Healing From Abuse"

Click HERE to listen to the podcast that aired Jan 6th, 2020 
First and foremost, special thanks to Ed and Judy Robertson for sharing their insights and experiences with healing from abuse. Thank you to the listeners for allowing our messages to be heard; please share the link with others. 
The abusive imprint I spoke about in the podcast can also be found on groups of people that experience violence, discrimination, and racism. At times it is this very abusive imprint on the collective that festers into hatred and violence within the same group - attacking and hating your own people. I also briefly touched upon the correlation of physical abuse and head trauma in serial killers in order to highlight to what extreme physical abuse in a child’s life can lead. I believe the outcome to be a shared responsibility; meaning people are not born perpetrators of abuse. They are made that way. 
From a spiritual perspective; everyone involved in an abusive act is/was a victim at some point. But there is a difference between “being” a victim and “remaining” a victim. The difference helps a survivor from abuse in avoiding the pitfalls of victimhood. To overlook this and simply focus on judging the abusive act truly shortens the healing reach of empathy. In creating the space for healing from abuse, one must allow empathy’s full potential to take the lead, accompanied by courage, understanding, and forgiveness. 
After listening to the podcast, if you would like to contact us with questions, comments, personal testimonies; please refer to the following:
Omar can be reached at:
Ed Robertson can be reached at:
Judy Robertson can be reached at:
Thanks again for your continued support; hope you enjoy the podcast. ~Omar


...hold your hand there..don’t move it!! I’m tired of telling you to stop sucking your goddamn fingers!!.. I held my small hand over the flames of the gas stove as my dad yelled at me; his friends in the next room. I did not cry much when I felt the slight burn...and pulled my hand back again. I don’t even remember being scared. I just remember being sad. The taste of the hot pepper spice my dad had sprinkled on my fingers prior to this was still in my mouth.. 
This is just one of several episodes of abuse I experienced at a young age, but it was not hate I felt coming from my parents who physically abused me. I knew they cared about me. It was a heavy pain and sadness I felt coming from them. It was that combination of ill parenting and heavy sadness which tainted my definition of love for many, many years to come. Love and abuse were inseparable even indistinguishable at times.
“...we live in the land known for opportunity yet we either avoid or deny the abuse going on today and throughout our history. Therefore, we never feel the need to seize upon the opportunity to heal from the gaping wounds of racism, sexism, exploitation, marginalization, and cultural imperialism..” Such a divide within our collective continuously leaves individuals spiritually fragmented.Despite being in this digital Age, where the reaches of social media rarely has limits; abuse continues and is tolerated. Even Mother Earth is being abused daily. 
Abusive energy leaves destructive imprints upon our very being. The effects of which poison our understanding of love, self worth, and trust in ourselves as well as in others. Can we implement healing practices in this abusive society we all live in and heal as a collective?
Join me, Omar Khayyam Yeldell modern day Shaman, on my Spirit Guided L.I.F.E. podcast as I address the topic: "Healing From Abuse." Every single person, regardless of varying backgrounds; is experiencing some form of abuse right now. Abusive energy and how to heal from it is the topic. I would encourage you to listen in; if compelled to share your thoughts, pain, even your survival; please call in to the show. My special guest will be Shaman Ed Robertson who will also share insights on abusive energy and the healing power behind soul retrieval and past life regression.
My parents Marta Torres and Barry Yeldell
“...but why me? Why is this thing attacking me? How can I get it to stop and remove it from my life for good?”
I stared into my client’s eyes and for a split second could see the very negative entity that seemed to be harassing her for several months. I have no doubt that the attacks are real, however; how do I convince my client that the entity is hers; her creation. Not an evil external force that picked her at random, but a darker side of herself that went neglected for years as it accumulated negative energy, outgrew its host, and is now attacking its creator.
Welcome to a normal day in my life as a modern day Shaman. Most people live in a reality that is polarized, good vs evil, light vs dark..etc; however there is a form of existence before polarization. Scripture is clear on this; the form Adam and Eve held prior to eating from the Tree of Knowledge of good and evil. It is in that form of existence that the Shaman is most effective and can provide an objective point of view coupled with Spirit; a combination that directly speaks to a person’s center and moves their soul.  It seems impossible to separate empowerment and personal responsibility yet for centuries both were held captive in the name of salvation by an entity that assured its dominant role as the sole voice of reason. A political religious authority that consistently ruled with an overpowering tone of fear; the effects of which are still rippling through our spiritual lives.
“...the voice was angry, very condescending, and told me I do not deserve to live.” My client’s face was slightly turned away and down, yet I could see and feel the pain from being mentally and emotionally tortured in what could be classified as a form of possession. As tears form in my client’s eyes, I contemplate a course of action to remove the astral creature I clearly see siphoning energy from his auroric field. Once removed, I locate the portal from whence it came and the exit (which are not always the same spot). I escort the astral creature to the exit, then seal the entry point. I then regroup with my client to discuss the real work of raising his vibration by reviewing lifestyle choices and replacing low energy activity with high ones.
In other words, cutting off the food supply to low vibrational entities and astral creatures. In my perspective, of the worlds we interact in and that constantly influence us; we are all connected through energy. Add to this a couple universal laws that hold true for us all: “Like attracts like” .. “That which we fear, we create”... “Your manifestations are a direct reflection of your faith”.. It is crucial we separate beliefs and belief systems that were instilled in us before actually experiencing for ourselves - life from a pure natural spiritual way. I spent decades unlearning society’s collective truth while meeting with my ancestors in Dreamstate; embracing their form of instruction which I refer to as re-membering. To this day, I am still in awe of the potent insights I became aware of once the need to trust in a living person’s words no longer applied. The trust typically placed in another person’s words became freed up energy I could shift toward my center and master a higher, clearer form of communication that has always been filled with empathy. Communication is so much more than just words; infact soul to soul, words just get in the way. Of the many facets of my role as a modern day Shaman, a major one is that of a healer in a community torn and in denial of needing to heal wounds erased from the collective memory.  Be that as it may, spiritual wounds do not disappear with passing generations; they only fester. From the genocide of indeginous peoples, the horrific traumas of slavery, and the inhumane conditions of asylums to the sex trafficking, opiod crisis, and blatant displays of abuse of power by teachers, preachers, police, and politicians...clearly we are in trouble. With change being the only constant in life, it affects us all regardless of our varying perspectives and experiences. I believe this to hold true of traditional Shamanic practices and what I consider to be modern day versions.
“...I need you to contact my family and convince them I was murdered! They have a right to know the truth and I deserve justice!”..
I looked at the dark shadowy figure of a tall young man and felt almost consumed with anxiety, desperation, and a sense of urgency, now that he knew; I knew; it was a homicide made to appear as a suicide.. Police corruption and a media controlled narrative left his spirit with such deep despair and unrest, at times I felt as though I was being strangled to death with him….over and over again. 
People fear what they do not understand. At the same time, how lazy are we to sit back and allow others to think for us. Imagine what must be at stake for the powers that be to create problems as well as the solutions for us. Controlling the beginning, the middle, and the end. As a shaman, time for me is not linear; it is cyclic. This timeless understanding raises my consciousness to the point where I can view from the center of the cycle (circle) with a 360 degree vision, accessing past, present, and possible future options at once.
This, again is Dreamstate; an altered state of awareness that allows me to gather insights into challenges, problems, and any pertinent information I need in order to offer up the most effective resolve for my client. Sometimes I need to view the origin as in their past life or penetrate into their shadow self and locate the repressed incident(s) that is responsible. Dreamstate is not always pretty but definitely effective. As of late, it has assisted with negative extraterrestrial influences on clients which seemed to bring a different element to the process. 
Everyday I wake after my first breath of gratitude, the second breath alerts me of being uncomfortable. It is this daily feeling of being uncomfortable that confirms I am both alive and aligned with change. Afterall, the key to effective change is making people uncomfortable with carrying excess baggage in the form of pain, anger, depression, addiction, and fear. There is no couch to get comfortable on, or medications to numb emotions and pause thoughts, nor are there a few easy step programs when it comes to spiritual healing.
Be-ing in the presence of the universe’s unconditional love and healing energies will immediately strip you of defensive facades, ego driven fears, and weak excuses. What is left is pure, true, and connects us all through empathy and spirituality.  Cleansing negative spirits, escorting astral creatures back from whence they came, also; exposing thoughtforms and removal of spirit attachments is what I do. It was not so much a choice, but an obligation, to live a life as a shaman again. My newest venture is hosting a radio show called “Spirit Guided L.I.F.E.” The acronym is: love-insights-faith-energy.
The show will take place the first Monday of every month from 7p-9p on the Mystic Connections Radio Network. The format will consist of a main topic discussed between the host, modern day Shaman Omar Khayyam Yeldell and his special guest for the first hour and then callers can participate in the discussion throughout the second hour.
Our launch date will be Monday, December 2nd, 2019; title of the show is “How To Spiritually Cleanse Your Home.”..special guest, Shadow Worker Nicole Shook.

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