"The most powerful healing arises from the simple intention to love the life within you, unconditionally, with as much tenderness and presence as possible."
-Tara Brach
H- Intent
Intent-the determination to act in a certain way. It rules everything; it is the purpose behind the deed. The core in a miracle. Yet, how often do we honestly own our intentions and make them clear? The universe responds to our intentions, so it is important to take special care with how we proceed with our spiritual gifts. It’s not enough just to declare you will use your gifts for good. The fact remains...gifts flow through you from the Universe….therefore using you as an instrument. 
Intent is the magic wand for the magician; it is the cord between you and the universe… I recommend making sure intentions are stated and made clear in the beginning, throughout, and especially at the end of healing sessions. It keeps the energy focused, directed, and effective. Intention can also be used as a filter to exclude ego and fear from the healing session. Include the person you are conducting a healing session on...in establishing the same intentions; aligning both intentions with the universe’s healing energies is always a best practice.
Fear is a thought that initiates a variety of emotions within us. Overwhelming emotions that can and do impede our spiritual growth when we feel powerless and succumb to the low vibrational emotions. Again, we are human, and therefore will experience fearful thoughts and emotions, the point, however, is not to allow yourself to dwell on or in fear. Once you become familiar with your truth along your journey; once you distinguish between a thought and an emotion, the shift of self-empowerment happens. Fear then is unveiled as learned behavior, unhealthy thought patterns, and a threatened Ego trying desperately to survive. 
To become fearless does not imply you will be free from fear. It means owning the thought that attempts to initiate the fear… Dissecting it, analyzing it, categorizing it for what it truly is.. There is nothing more empowering within our spiritual growth than being fearless with our own spiritual truth.  “You can conquer almost any fear if you will only make up your mind to do so. For remember, fear doesn’t exist anywhere except in the mind.” - Dale Carnegie 
P- Spiritual Occupants
The removal of spiritual occupants from our home, property, and sacred space is a major part of the spiritual cleansing process. Prior to removing them, however, one must take proper care and time invested in finding out why the spiritual occupants are there in the first place. Why your home? Who are they? What do they want? Once these questions are answered, one can then move forward with a more concise plan on who and what needs to be removed. It also gives insight into which spiritual tools to use for the removal.
There are a whole plethora of entities that fall under spiritual occupants but the one(s) in your home is tailored to your energy. After all, our homes are manifestations of our creative energy. Therefore there is a direct correlation between the specific spiritual occupants in your home, why they are there, what they want, but also how to remove them and seal the entry points. This truth reveals several things that need to be addressed in order to accomplish the goal of removal; some of which are on you the homeowner and where you are spiritually.
Anything from re-evaluating your faith, reviewing your role in relationships, your deepest fears, the shadow self, and thought patterns. Unfortunately, Hollywood would have us believe we are targeted by negative forces and taken advantage of at random; its an external evil attacking and cursing a good person. Nothing can be further from the truth. Spiritual occupants are extensions of Self in need of healing.
E-Love of Self
Love of self is very important for spiritual growth but often times we neglect ourselves for various reasons. “Feels selfish to focus on me instead of my loved ones..” “I can sacrifice for my loved ones..” “I’ve always survived...I’m more worried about my loved ones” These are understandably important but if not done with the right perspective can lead to unbalanced energy. It is much easier to focus on someone else than yourself. So in some instances what is happening is a deflection from reflection.  It is imperative that we love ourselves properly and knowingly.
The feeling of helping others can very fulfilling but one must realize in loving and caring for yourself..you will be even more energized and insightful when it comes to helping others. What do you enjoy doing and when was the last time you enjoyed that activity? Maybe it’s not doing anything… just relaxing.. Whatever it is, love yourself enough to make it happen…..often. You are responsible for your own happiness, peace of mind, and spiritual growth. Please invest in yourSelf with the same gumption you exert when helping your loved ones.
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"Love is an unconditional commitment to an imperfect person. To love somebody isn't just a strong feeling. It is a decision, a judgement and a promise."
H - Heart Chakra
The Heart Chakra influences our ability to love and is located at the center of the chest, just above the heart. An imbalanced heart chakra can lead to being ruled by your emotions, a lack of parameters being set for personal space, and tendencies to neglect one’s own needs. Being located in the center of the seven major chakras, it is very important that time is spent in balancing it, so it can assist in balancing the other six. If left unattended and in need of healing….physically the unhealthy energy can develop into critical issues with the heart and high blood pressure. You would also experience triggers affecting the solar plexus chakra (that correlates to self-confidence/control)..bypass an imbalanced heart chakra, and release through the Throat Chakra (that correlates to communication) and witness the words and tone expose the ill condition of all three chakras. 
Green is the color associated with the Heart Chakra; any leafy green vegetables, green grapes, pears, apples..etc all help with balancing this chakra. Use intent when consuming these foods and you can also assign a green dec pillow with the intent to assist with loving freely without harsh judgment. Green colored clothes can also be assigned and worn with healing intent (color therapy) during this time frame of balancing the heart chakra energy. Also meditating at the park with greenery and trees surrounding...assists in balancing the heart chakra.
O - Dreams
Dreams are a powerful way we all have in sharing a multidimensional existence. There are several dream types: premonition, vivid, lucid, nightmares, daydreams..etc. I believe dreams are bridges...connections between realms and dimensions. When our conscious mind is asleep, the subconscious takes over and attempts to resolve issues and challenges we had faced while awake. In many cases, they are challenges and issues we refused to deal with right away and instead suppressed them. Our bodies and spirits naturally gravitate toward homeostasis; tranquility and peace of mind. It is within this natural pursuit that our spirit engages with our own manifestations of fear, worry, anger, confusion, and frustration.
While we sleep, our subconscious works on resolving these and many times will use dreams to illustrate this healing process. If possible, before falling asleep make it known you want to remember any dreams. Also, having a dream journal nearby can help; write down what you remember when you wake. It is very important to understand the source from which dreams come is from a multidimensional source and therefore is using multilayers that need to be explored and understood. Peeling the layers of a dream takes time and an open mind. It is crucial all symbols be taken into account and the understanding that one single symbol may have multiple meanings in the same dream.
For instance: a nightmare where you are drowning inside your house. Water is a universal symbol of emotional consciousness. What has you feeling overwhelmed in your home? Bills? Repair? Family? Marriage? In addition to this, you may experience an actual flood due to weather, clogged bath/sink, or broken pipe. Also, drowning is restriction of breathing, so you may need to re-evaluate how you breathe and if you are hydrating correctly. Just with that one nightmare, several different interpretations; all of which are valid; all of which may manifest in need of addressing and healing. There are usually literal and spiritual messages, as well as insights in dreams given simultaneously.
P - Power of Affirmations
There are three steps to manifestation. Thought - Word - Action. Words are extremely powerful; they give life to thoughts. It is critical we carefully choose our words because they are the building blocks of our reality. Take into account some of the most noticeable and repeated negative words we use. Single them out and make a conscious effort to remove them from our vocabulary. Also, if you find yourself surrounded by the same type of negative people and/or situation, review the negative words used leading up to the manifestation.
When considering ways to reclaim one’s own sacred space (home, apt, property) the use of affirmations is definitely worth the time and implementation. The affirmation does not have to be long, but written with your own words and target the area you are reclaiming. Protection, faith, happiness, peace, joy, love, courage, understanding...are all terms to use in affirmations. You can even type the affirmation up and frame it, hang it somewhere you see it often.
E - Center Relations
About two years ago, I really experimented with relating to folks using my center energy. Instead of listening and speaking from my mind/head, I tried initiating the listening and speaking from my center. This seemed to bypass ego, fears, filters, anything counterproductive to the healing process that takes place when two people engage in communication. This takes practice but once mastered; when you approach someone to discuss issues, your energy coming from the center will connect with the other person’s center and many times will put them at ease.  Relating from the center is always done with empathy and provides access to the core of issues.
Take special care to notice a person’s body language; crossing the arms is a subconscious reaction to closing off the center energy. You can either keep relating from your center and see if they uncross their arms and open up to center relating..or if they remain with crossed arms..restrictive, tight body language; may indicate this person needs more time and space to work on internal issues. The more you practice center relating, the more successful healing sessions you will have. When folks feel your energy when first within your presence, that healing aspect coming from the center will start to influence and heal the other person’s energy.
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Materials To Build PPE for Healthcare Workers

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UPDATE: APRIL 18, 2020by Chad Robertson, Organizer
Well, we did it! We have sent out or packaged up over 2,500 face shields this week. We have almost caught up on our backlog. If you are in need of face shields, please feel free to contact us. We also have a limited supply of ear savers if you're interested. Thank you for your continued support!

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“Today, in order to establish a connection with God/Universe you MUST embrace and lead with the feminine energies. We should understand that any relationship with God/Universe, when established; arrives with a need to be nurtured as we pursue balance in both masculine and feminine energies. We are currently living in a time where the ancient Goddess worship (humankind’s original form of worship) is resurging from the depths of our souls...demanding we remember, embrace, and acknowledge the prominent powers of the feminine energies from eons ago...
The time is NOW for the masculine energies to sleep and dream of the feminine energies; vividly. He yelled for what seemed an eternity, as she remained silent. She will now dance, as he stands still in awe of her grace…”
-excerpt from my upcoming lecture: RELATIONSHIPS How To Spiritually Develop, Nurture, and Learn from them.. by modern day Shaman Omar Khayyam Yeldell

The Shamanic Mentoring Program

I started mentoring mid-Spring this year and have received several requests to make the program official. The mentoring program is for both teens 13-17yrs and adults 18+ and include one-on-one spiritual lessons at $20hr. Lessons are generally 1-2hrs long, but can be altered to adjust to your schedule. Although there will be some mentoring indoors, several of the lessons will be outdoors, active learning, developing and using spiritual gifts; a hands on approach. 
Some of the lessons provided: Communicating with spirits Dream interpretations Communing with nature Conducting Shadow work Healing of self and others How to read energy: people, furniture, photos, items..etc Establish and nurture a relationship with your spirit guide(s)
If interested or have questions, please contact me at:  (727) 244-0650 or via email at: DesateConsultations@gmail.com
~many blessings Omar Khayyam Yeldell - modern day Shaman

The Shamanic Ripple

by Omar KhayyamYeldell
From an origin so deep, to trace its beginning would take forever and a day and yet I have no choice but to start there. Or is that, start here in the Now. Just outside the Now is a pulse, a breath. Both play off each other at times in rhythm, but most often than not; out of sync.
In a battle of most needed to survive the storm of waves that continuously pounds at my being for the sake of validating my physical existence. Waves of emotions like the feeling of wonderment, curiosity, and sadness; all switch in a second to joy, happiness, and purpose. Emotionally embracing my surroundings without question; without hesitation despite the fear. But then comes the visions, the gift from an unknown giver who I only see occasionally when I close my eyes.
The warning came in the moment before the giver retreated and within the one motion branded my soul once again, a servant. To see pain is to witness undoubtedly universal energies twisting, turning, recreating, redefining fear and re-establishing love. The empathic touch however crushes me and holds my breath hostage. The warmth only seems to validate the need to remain connected. Connected we are one and love will acknowledge that I hope.
Backwards I float on a whisper, above the busy cold bodies that are over-filled with purpose, demands, and time constraints. They all think through me as I quiet my own mind and enter the world of light dreams and dark shadows.

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