..."Show me a place to stand and I will in-deed move the world!"..

“The Spirit Guided L.I.F.E. Radio Show”

Dec. 2nd, 2019 7p-9p

“...but why me? Why is this thing attacking me? How can I get it to stop and remove it from my life for good?” I stared into my client’s eyes and for a split second could see the very negative entity that seemed to be harassing her for several months. I have no doubt that the attacks are real, however; how do I convince my client that the entity is hers; her creation. Not an evil external force that picked her at random, but a darker side of herself that went neglected for years as it accumulated negative energy, outgrew its host, and is now attacking its creator.

Welcome to a normal day in my life as a modern day Shaman. Most people live in a reality that is polarized, good vs evil, light vs dark..etc; however there is a form of existence before polarization. Scripture is clear on this; the form Adam and Eve held prior to eating from the Tree of Knowledge of good and evil. It is in that form of existence that the Shaman is most effective and can provide an objective point of view coupled with Spirit; a combination that directly speaks to a person’s center and moves their soul. 

It seems impossible to separate empowerment and personal responsibility yet for centuries both were held captive in the name of salvation by an entity that assured its dominant role as the sole voice of reason. A political religious authority that consistently ruled with an overpowering tone of fear; the effects of which are still rippling through our spiritual lives.

“...the voice was angry, very condescending, and told me I do not deserve to live.” My client’s face was slightly turned away and down, yet I could see and feel the pain from being mentally and emotionally tortured in what could be classified as a form of possession. As tears form in my client’s eyes, I contemplate a course of action to remove the astral creature I clearly see siphoning energy from his auroric field. Once removed, I locate the portal from whence it came and the exit (which are not always the same spot). I escort the astral creature to the exit, then seal the entry point. I then regroup with my client to discuss the real work of raising his vibration by reviewing lifestyle choices and replacing low energy activity with high ones. In other words, cutting off the food supply to low vibrational entities and astral creatures.

In my perspective, of the worlds we interact in and that constantly influence us; we are all connected through energy. Add to this a couple universal laws that hold true for us all: “Like attracts like” .. “That which we fear, we create”... “Your manifestations are a direct reflection of your faith”.. It is crucial we separate beliefs and belief systems that were instilled in us before actually experiencing for ourselves - life from a pure natural spiritual way.

I spent decades unlearning society’s collective truth while meeting with my ancestors in Dreamstate; embracing their form of instruction which I refer to as re-membering. To this day, I am still in awe of the potent insights I became aware of once the need to trust in a living person’s words no longer applied. The trust typically placed in another person’s words became freed up energy I could shift toward my center and master a higher, clearer form of communication that has always been filled with empathy. Communication is so much more than just words; infact soul to soul, words just get in the way.

Of the many facets of my role as a modern day Shaman, a major one is that of a healer in a community torn and in denial of needing to heal wounds erased from the collective memory.  Be that as it may, spiritual wounds do not disappear with passing generations; they only fester. From the genocide of indeginous peoples, the horrific traumas of slavery, and the inhumane conditions of asylums to the sex trafficking, opiod crisis, and blatant displays of abuse of power by teachers, preachers, police, and politicians...clearly we are in trouble. With change being the only constant in life, it affects us all regardless of our varying perspectives and experiences. I believe this to hold true of traditional Shamanic practices and what I consider to be modern day versions.

“...I need you to contact my family and convince them I was murdered! They have a right to know the truth and I deserve justice!”.. I looked at the dark shadowy figure of a tall young man and felt almost consumed with anxiety, desperation, and a sense of urgency, now that he knew; I knew; it was a homicide made to appear as a suicide.. Police corruption and a media controlled narrative left his spirit with such deep despair and unrest, at times I felt as though I was being strangled to death with him….over and over again. 

People fear what they do not understand. At the same time, how lazy are we to sit back and allow others to think for us. Imagine what must be at stake for the powers that be to create problems as well as the solutions for us. Controlling the beginning, the middle, and the end. As a shaman, time for me is not linear; it is cyclic. This timeless understanding raises my consciousness to the point where I can view from the center of the cycle (circle) with a 360 degree vision, accessing past, present, and possible future options at once. This, again is Dreamstate; an altered state of awareness that allows me to gather insights into challenges, problems, and any pertinent information I need in order to offer up the most effective resolve for my client. Sometimes I need to view the origin as in their past life or penetrate into their shadow self and locate the repressed incident(s) that is responsible. Dreamstate is not always pretty but definitely effective. As of late, it has assisted with negative extraterrestrial influences on clients which seemed to bring a different element to the process. 

Everyday I wake after my first breath of gratitude, the second breath alerts me of being uncomfortable. It is this daily feeling of being uncomfortable that confirms I am both alive and aligned with change. Afterall, the key to effective change is making people uncomfortable with carrying excess baggage in the form of pain, anger, depression, addiction, and fear. There is no couch to get comfortable on, or medications to numb emotions and pause thoughts, nor are there a few easy step programs when it comes to spiritual healing. Be-ing in the presence of the universe’s unconditional love and healing energies will immediately strip you of defensive facades, ego driven fears, and weak excuses. What is left is pure, true, and connects us all through empathy and spirituality. 

Cleansing negative spirits, escorting astral creatures back from whence they came, also; exposing thoughtforms and removal of spirit attachments is what I do. It was not so much a choice, but an obligation, to live a life as a shaman again. My newest venture is hosting a radio show called “Spirit Guided L.I.F.E.” The acronym is: love-insights-faith-energy. The show will take place the first Monday of every month from 7p-9p on the Mystic Connections Radio Network. The format will consist of a main topic discussed between the host, modern day Shaman Omar Khayyam Yeldell and his special guest for the first hour and then callers can participate in the discussion throughout the second hour. Our launch date will be Monday, December 2nd, 2019; title of the show is “How To Spiritually Cleanse Your Home.”..special guest, Shadow Worker Nicole Shook.

Omar Khayyam Yeldell is the founder of Desate Spiritual Consultations. He is a modern-day Shaman, Empath, Spiritual Consultant, and Spiritual Paranormal Investigator. The Philadelphia native of psychic lineal descent was born clairvoyant and empathic. Omar invested several decades studying the occult, world religions, and ancestral dream Shamanism. He is also a Reiki/Shamanic healer, web author, host of monthly podcast "Spirit Guided L.I.F.E., and owner of Spirit Guided Tours.

He has lectured at the Enlightened Soul Center, Crazy Wisdom Bookstore, and Evenstar's Chalice. Omar has a very unique style of lecturing that blends spiritualism, real-life experiences, humor, and Shamanic insights. Aside from lecturing, he regularly conducts spiritual home cleansings, where he identifies and assists with the removal of any and all negative energies, entities, and influences that are adversely impacting your home, family, and lifestyle.

Contact info: 727-244-0650 DesateConsultations@gmail.com

The Shamanic Mentoring Program

I started mentoring mid-Spring this year and have received several requests to make the program official. The mentoring program is for both teens 13-17yrs and adults 18+ and include one-on-one spiritual lessons at $20hr. Lessons are generally 1-2hrs long, but can be altered to adjust to your schedule. Although there will be some mentoring indoors, several of the lessons will be outdoors, active learning, developing and using spiritual gifts; a hands on approach. 

Some of the lessons provided:

  • Communicating with spirits

  • Dream interpretations

  • Communing with nature

  • Conducting Shadow work

  • Healing of self and others

  • How to read energy: people, furniture, photos, items..etc

  • Establish and nurture a relationship with your spirit guide(s)

If interested or have questions, please contact me at: 

(727) 244-0650 or via email at: DesateConsultations@gmail.com

~many blessings

Omar Khayyam Yeldell - modern day Shaman

NEW Spiritual Home Cleanse + Private Lecture COMBO!


For only $200!

Take advantage of this great deal I am offering- with only 5 combos left! A Spiritual Home Cleansing and a Private Lecture for you and up to 8 guests, for only $200!

This is a great way to start the Fall season with a cleanse of your home and property; getting rid of all the negative energy and vibes while raising and strengthening all the positive vibrations. I supply all the spiritual tools needed as well as insights shared to enhance your quality of life, and reveal counter productive routines and thought patterns that need to be replaced with loving productive ones.

In addition to the home cleanse, you can host a lecture for up to 8 guests either at your home, place of business, even at a park. Just select the one preferred topic you would like for me to lecture on, from the following list:

  • Shadow Self

  • How to Raise Your Vibration

  • Encountering Thoughtforms and Spirit Attachments

  • Spiritual Tools for Protection

  • Developing YourSpir itual Gifts

  • True Tales of the Paranormal vol 1

  • How to Spiritually Cleanse Your Home

Both the cleanse and lecture on avg last 90mins each (3hrs combined). However, they do not need to take place on the same day! I am offering these combo deals until Aug 31st, 2019 and only have 5 left! Please act quickly. Once purchased, you will have until December 30th, 2019 to schedule the cleanse and lecture.**

You can gift part of the combo to a friend if you like (keep the lecture for you and gift the cleanse to a friend or vice versa) As host of the lecture you can also charge your guests a fee to attend; all up to you. Just email me the details.

**Dates excluded: 9/2, 10/31, 11/28-11/30, and 12/24-12/26, 12/31**


You can also contact me via email:

desateconsultations@ gmail.com

or call/text: (727)244-0650

~wishing you many blessings

Omar Khayyam Yeldell

modern day Shaman


Spiritual Home Cleanse process (90mins):

1. I walk the perimeter of your home when I arrive

2. We sit and discuss activity/concerns in the home

3. You give me a tour of your home

4. Select which spiritual cleansing tools to use

5. Cleanse entire home and property

6. Sit and recap the cleanse, how to maintain, when to follow up


LECTURE Details (select one-90mins):

Shadow Self:

Delve into the shadowy parts of Self that we often times negelect and/or deny even exists. Learn the importance of acknowledging, accepting, and ultimately integrating our darker traits in order to improve upon them and create a more loving and whole person.


How to Raise Your Vibration:

This lecture highlights the negative thought patterns and behavioral routines we have created throughout our lives that contain low vibrational energy. Insights are shared on how to dismantle the low vibrational energies and replace with higher vibrational energies to improve, health, mind set, and overall lifestyle.


Encountering Thoughtforms and Spirit Attachments:

Our thought processes and patterns create forms that influence us and our daily lives. These Thought-forms also attract spirits of the same like energy. In this lecture, learn how to manage your own thought forms as well as how to rid yourself of unwanted spirit attachments and their harmful influences upon your life.


Spiritual Tools for Protection:

Many of us use some form of spiritual tool for protection; crosses, amulets, crystals, insence oil..etc; but how do they really work? What is the driving force behind these spiritual tools and are we using them correctly? In this lecture I address various forms of spiritual protection, proper usage, and what role your faith plays in being protected. 


Developing Your Spiritual Gifts:

We are all born with spiritual gifts and often times use them without even knowing. My lecture on spiritual gifts focuses on specific gifts such as empathy, dreams, premonitions, and intuition; again which we all have and use. Learn how to embrace these gifts and develop them to assist you daily in improving your quality of living and spirituality.


True Tales of the Paranormal vol 1:

I discuss four paranormal cases I took part in. This lecture includes pictures/drawings and is a great way of learning and seeing how negative external forces can influence your life and those around you, in order to cause chaos and major disruption.


How to Spiritually Cleanse Your Home:

The most popular lecture thus far; I discuss the home environment and how it is our energy manifested. I also list several conditions within your home that attract negative energies/entities and how to counter them. I will address lifestyle changes that are necessary to create a more positive loving home for you and your family.



Omar Khayyam Yeldell is the owner of Spirit Guided Tours. He is a modern-day Shaman, Empath, Spiritual Consultant, and Spiritual Paranormal Investigator. The Philadelphia native and psychic lineal descent was born clairvoyant and empathic. Omar invested several decades studying the occult, world religions, and dream Shamanism. He is also a Reiki/Shamanic healer, web author, and founder of Desate Spiritual Consultations.  

He has lectured at the Enlightened Soul Center, Crazy Wisdom Bookstore, and Evenstar's Chalice. Omar has a very unique style of lecturing that blends spiritualism, real-life experiences, humor, and Shamanic insights.  

Aside from lecturing, Omar regularly conducts spiritual home cleansings, where he identifies any and all negative energies, entities, and influences that are adversely impacting your home, family, and lifestyle.

Encountering Thought Forms and Spirit Attachments

**CompletedLECTURE Friday JULY 26th, 2019 9p-11p**

Have you ever felt as though something with ill intentions is attached to you? Have you ever witnessed a loved one on numerous occasions do things totally out of character that caused harm to others or themselves? Do you believe your life is trapped in a downward spiral of discord and misfortune? Or maybe it's an everyday struggle for you to feel motivated; instead you feel drained and uninspired..

Thought-forms and spirit attachments may be the cause…

Join Omar Khayyam Yeldell, a modern-day shaman, for his most intense yet informative lecture, as he shares from his own experiences and those of clients he has helped. He will be discussing the origins of thought-forms and spirit attachments, external and internal entry points; how to identify them and the symptoms caused by their influence in our lives, like personality changes​. Most importantly, Omar will cover how to cleanse and protect yourself from these negative forces.

***Several, never before seen drawings of Omar's encounters will be presented***

Location: North Main Tattoo Studio

418 S Main St, Plymouth, MI 48170

When: Friday, July 26th 2019 at 9p-11p

Cost: $20 at the door or purchase tickets in advance at

Spirit Guided Lecture Tickets


Omar Khayyam Yeldell is the owner of Spirit Guided Tours. He is a modern-day Shaman, Empath, Spiritual Consultant, and Spiritual Paranormal Investigator. The Philadelphia native and psychic lineal descent was born clairvoyant and empathic. Omar invested several decades studying the occult, world religions, and dream Shamanism. He is also a Reiki/Shamanic healer, web author, and founder of Desate Spiritual Consultations.  

He has lectured at the Enlightened Soul Center, Crazy Wisdom Bookstore, and Evenstar's Chalice. Omar has a very unique style of lecturing that blends spiritualism, real-life experiences, humor, and Shamanic insights.  

Some of the intriguing topics he has lectured upon:

Spiritual Protecton Class 3 part series: "The Shadow Self", "How To Raise Your Spiritual Vibration", and "Spiritual Tools For Protection"

"Developing Your Spiritual Gifts"

"True Tales of the Paranormal - Vol 1"

"How to Spiritually Cleanse Your Home"

"Encountering THOUght FORMs and Spirit Attachments"  

Aside from lecturing, Omar regularly conducts spiritual home cleansings, where he identifies any and all negative energies, entities, and influences that are adversely impacting your home, family, and lifestyle.

Here are some of the comments from clients that attended our free sessions at the Enlightened Soul Center on April 19th, 2019:

"Thank you for your help and understanding! I learned alot thank you! God bless Happy Easter!" -B.B.

"This was my 1st session, I feel better afterwards because Jennifer and Omar nailed it! I also feel better knowing which chakras to work on." -A.B.

"Great job! Enormous insight. Really told me some things to help me move forward which is what I want/need! Thank you!" -H.M.

"Very much on the mark for where I need to focus my attention! Thank you." -S.K.

"Spot on. Thank you for your gifts to the world!<3" -G.M.

"Delightful session. By the end I felt energy like candle wicks running everywhere. Thank you!" -A.C.

Chamaki is a fusion of Usui Reiki and Dream Shamanism. The healing session is simple yet effective. Jennifer uses Usui reiki to meaure andadjust the 7 major chakras while Omar uses Shamanism to address any harmful entry points into your energy field. He also scans for any negative ThoughtForms and spirit attachments.

The overall objective is to identify and heal any counter productive energies and entities within your energy field, whether caused internally or externally, or both.

True Tales of the paranormal

vol 1

Join Spiritual Paranormal Investigators Omar K.Yeldell and Nicole Shook for an afternoon of real paranormal tales and experiences shared. Both are featured in the current issue of the Crazy Wisdom Community Journal Issue 71, (“What’s New in the Community”) regarding their expertise in spiritual cleansing of homes.

They will be sharing details and insights on four paranormal cases they investigated and cleansed. The lecture will include photos, drawings, and tips on how to handle paranormal activity in your own life. All attendees will receive a FREE Spiritual Home Cleansing.

Hope to see you there!

1.Playful Sisters 

2.The Neighborhood Portal

3. The Lost Gravekeepers

4. Get Off My Property!


Where: Crazy Wisdom Bookstore 114 S Main St Ann Arbor, MI 48104

When: Sunday March 3rd, 2019 2-430p 

purchase tickets in advance at: SGT-Tickets

Contact info: (727)244-0650 desateconsultations@gmail.com

                     (734)395-8930 twilightwing@comcast.net

Omar K. Yeldell is a modern day Shaman, paranormal investigator, empath, clairvoyant, reiki healer, and founder of Desate Spiritual Consultations.

Nicole Shook is an empath, sensitive, intuitive, and paranormal investigator.


Encountering Thought-Forms and Spirit Attachments

- Omar Khayyam Yeldell

Have you ever felt as though something with ill intentions is attached to you? Have you ever witnessed a loved one on numerous occasions do things totally out of character that caused harm? Do you believe your life is trapped in a downward spiral of discord and misfortune?

Thought-forms or spirit attachments may be the cause…

Join Omar Khayyam Yeldell, a modern-day shaman, as he shares from his own experience and those of clients he has helped. He will be discussing the origins of thought-forms or spirit attachments, such as external and internal entry points; how to identify them and the symptoms caused by their influence in our lives, like personality changes​. Most importantly, Omar will cover how to cleanse and protect yourself from these negative forces.​
Sunday, December 2, 2018
5:00–8:00pm with light snacks provided



"We had Omar present this in October, and it was one of the best presentations I've ever seen at the Center! Omar presents research, as well as his own extensive experiences, to inform and empower us about entities and energies that can impact us and our homes. I HIGHLY recommend — no, I INSIST — that all sensitive folks make an effort to attend this event!"

— Amy Garber, co-director, Enlightened Soul Center

LOCATION: Enlightened Soul Center
3820 Packard Road #280 (2nd floor)
Ann Arbor 48108
Free parking!
Turn at the driveway next to the US-23 overpass,
at the large sign for "Gentle Dental" and "Foot & Ankle". NOTE: Building number not visible from the road; follow the white ESC yard signs.


Contact Omar at: (727) 244-0650


Omar Khayyam Yeldell is a modern-day shaman, empath, paranormal investigator, Reiki healer, clairvoyant, and founder of Desate Spiritual Consultations. He specializes in clearing negative energies surrounding you and within your home. Universal healing energies use Omar as an instrument in this process. He has the ability to see and communicate with thought-forms, manifestations, deceased loved ones, ghosts, spirits, and other beings. The only types of equipment he uses in clearings are a digital camera, drawing pad, and pencil.

© 2018 Enlightened Soul Center

Here is the link for the podcast interview done on November 26th, 2018 with Beverly Fish, Nicole S. Shook, and myself; regarding our Spiritual Home Cleansings:


On November 12th, 2018 I was interviewed on the Watch List Podcast Detroit by Hollie Ogden and Kasey Pierce regarding my gifts and experiences as a modern-day Shaman.

Here is the link: https://m.soundcloud.com/podcastdetroit/the-watch-list-episode-49?in=podcastdetroit/sets/the-watch-list


The Shamanic Ripple

by Omar KhayyamYeldell

From an origin so deep, to trace its beginning would take forever and a day and yet I have no choice but to start there. Or is that, start here in the Now.

Just outside the Now is a pulse, a breath. Both play off each other at times in rhythm, but most often than not; out of sync. In a battle of most needed to survive the storm of waves that continuously pounds at my being for the sake of validating my physical existence.

Waves of emotions like the feeling of wonderment, curiosity, and sadness; all switch in a second to joy, happiness, and purpose. Emotionally embracing my surroundings without question; without hesitation despite the fear.

But then comes the visions, the gift from an unknown giver who I only see occasionally when I close my eyes. The warning came in the moment before the giver retreated and within the one motion branded my soul once again, a servant. To see pain is to witness undoubtedly universal energies twisting, turning, recreating, redefining fear and re-establishing love.

The empathic touch however crushes me and holds my breath hostage. The warmth only seems to validate the need to remain connected. Connected we are one and love will acknowledge that I hope.

Backwards I float on a whisper, above the busy cold bodies that are over-filled with purpose, demands, and time constraints. They all think through me as I quiet my own mind and enter the world of light dreams and dark shadows.


Role of the Empath

by Omar Yeldell

When I was a young boy, I recall playing superheroes with my younger brother Achilles, in our back yard. We would declare our powers and use them to our benefit, of course; and it all seemed “real” in a sense.. even if it were in our imaginations. Funny thing is though, now that I am older and have come to terms with certain gifts I have; actually that we all have; I have come to realize that with these powers comes a decent amount of responsibility and compassion.

In comparing the gifts I have become familiar with and comfortable using, it is the empathic one that still remains the hardest to adjust to. Everyone is born an empath and continues throughout life utilizing empathic abilities. What we call hunches, a vibe, a gut feeling, and in some cases even when we simply rely on instinct; all of these stem from empathy. Defined, empathy regards the ability to share in another person’s emotions, thoughts, and feelings. In a spiritual sense however, we all do this. It is a natural born gift. I am sure we have experienced a moment when we accuse someone of bringing our spirits down or up. This can be accredited to an empathic ability.

I define the empathic ability as the power to acquire another being’s intimate details using emotions first. It is a process, which goes against the norm in the sense that the empathy comes before the thoughts. I believe there is only one true emotion and that is Love. There is only one true thought, which is Fear. They counter each other and form this spectacular world of dualities we all call life. Since the empathic ability relies on emotions, this would indicate that utilizing empathy stems from Love and Love alone.

Being in touch with your own emotions and what has driven you into certain emotional states of being, is also very crucial to the empath. This provides the empath with the knowledge and understanding of similarities. For instance, knowing from first hand experience what a broken heart feels like, makes the empath sensitive to other broken hearts as well. Loss of a loved one, deceit, jealousy, self sacrifice, grief, sorrow, anger, etc, are all states of emotions caused by thoughts; in essence by Fear. 

The empath gains access to these intimate details in a person’s life by way of Love; in other words by utilizing Fear’s only proper counter, Love.

What kind of Love you may ask? Well, the love of Self and others. Loving your fellow man or woman enough to want to truly elevate his or her spiritually and ease their minds in the process. Peace of mind is a rarity these days, and without it, we as a society have allowed openings to be created in our individual energy fields, for which dis-ease as well as mal-nutrition can enter and affect us. The role of the empath is becoming increasingly more important due to a growing sense of fear in our society. 

There are numerous ways for an empath to aid in healing others, the most important of which is showing compassion. Many times the best form of understanding comes from those whom we share similar experiences with. With the empath’s ability to by-pass the specifics and differences in details of said experiences, and connect on the more basic level where core emotion is stored, a healing process can and will be initiated at that point. Keep in mind this can happen without words.The feeling is comparable to hugging someone at an emotional time. The hug seems to mean more than anything anyone could possibly utter at the time.

I would like to also point out, within the role of the empath are lessons as well. The greatest of which is to acknowledge a higher power which works through you. Placing full trust in this power, especially during times when the empathic connection established was not enough to show someone the importance of incorporating the healing energies of the universe. Individuals have choices. Each and every one of us is capable of choosing to dis-connect at times. Although it is impossible to totally and completely dis—connect from these healing energies, we can choose to create the illusion of dis-connect, which in itself brings with it karmic lessons to be heeded. As an empath, respecting someone’s choice to do so is imperative. There is no need to force a connection because the healing powers are flowing through the empath onto the individual. They do not originate from the empath alone, and therefore cannot and do not require any amount of force. Egotistical lectures, guilt trips, manipulation, and ultimatums are examples of utilizing force to support empathy. In essence, these tactics counter Love and only feed fear as well as negative energy. They also help to manifest and sustain dualistic views within an individual. These tactics can never support empathy; on the contrary, they impede empathy and show serious flaws and fears of the one claiming to be empathic.

Who would have guessed that the ability to become a superhero is innate in us. All we have to do is acknowledge it, trust in it, and then utilize it. Feel for you Self and for your fellow man. No need to walk a mile in someone else’s shoes. Simply place your feet inside and feel them. The experiences, trial and tribulations will be revealed as well as the way to ease the individual’s mind and elevate his or her spirits.

Soulful Seeds

Be-coming Thy Instrument of Healing

“Live in such a way that those who know you, but don’t know God; Will come to know God because they know you..”

Lightworkers should always carry within themselves the pure and sole intent to assist in the spiritual upliftment of every man, woman, and child they serve.

Intent defined: with purpose or determined to do; showing earnest and eager attention..

We are all connected spiritually, and it is the spirit, void of negativity in its composition which needs to be the bridge but it is our intent as practitioners/lightworkers which solidifies the bridge. Our intent to assist in the universe’s healing process is the only focus. The universal healing energy is limitless and very well encompasses any and all specifics imagined.

Some of the distractions are as follows:

  1. Practitioner’s or client’s desires and Will

  2. Practitioner’s Ego-owning the healing process/outcome

  3. Client’s failure to follow through on corrective action to lifestyle.

Nature is a healer. We experience this in the seasons with Winter symbolizing cold/death and Spring symbolizing a warm rebirth/rejuvenation.

Healing is transitioning physically/mentally/emotionally/ and spiritually.

It is imperative that if we wish to present ourSelves as an instrument in the healing process that we continually work on ourSelves. One of the most common pitfalls of Lightworkers is to constantly perceive the healing work as working for and on others vs on themSelves. Imagine visiting the doctor’s office and the doctor that enters the room to assess your ailment appears to be sick as well.

I would like to take a look at a psychological viewpoint on how we can assist in the universal healing process through work on ourSelves. Carl Jung did some critical extensive work on identifying in an archetype what he referred to as the Shadow/the darkside…”an unconscious aspect of the personality which the conscious Ego does not identify in itself..” Identifying and working on your Shadow self will enable you to identify aspects of the Shadow self in others. It is primitive, more often than not well hidden, and holsters a ton of creative energy. Due to the fact most people reject and/or deny the undesirable aspects of their very own personality-the Shadow has a tendency to be classified as negative. Laying dormant in ourSelves but quickly realized in aggravating circumstances in others. This is referred to as a type of psychological projection.

Think of someone you find extremely annoying-pinpoint the one trait they seem to have that really irritates you. Have you at any point in your life exhibited that same trait? What may be really annoying you about them is the reminder of that point in your life; that “old you” that exhibited that same trait. Your Ego and time passed convinced you, you no longer act that way, but the truth is you buried it in your subconscious-now part of your Shadow self. Please note, oftentimes soul groups work on similar traits throughout life’s journey- family/friends/coworkers. Know that the real proof that certain aspects of Self have been worked through and do not stand a chance of resurfacing is when you are no longer irritated by those who display those same traits. Instead of irritation-you display compassion and understanding. Two components of an instrument for universal healing that allow you to assist in the healing of any negative traits.

Here are 5 critical elements to Be-coming an instrument for healing:

  1. Hydration - water is essential, symbolizes emotional consciousness. Avg human adult body is 57-60% water. The brain and heart are composed of 73% water; and the lungs are about 83% water. The skin contains 64%, muscles and kidneys are 79% and even the bones 31%.

  2. Diet -Having a nutritional diet, well balanced; knowing what is lacking, what to avoid. Researching this aspect of your lifestyle will aid you in determining what may be ailing and/or impeding the healing process in the client’s life.

  3. Rest -This would include plenty of sleep for clarity of mind, but also for spiritual messages/dreams/ connections. Rest can be had while awake but in a meditative state; relaxed; still the mind and utilizing breathing techniques

  4. Exercise -engaging in a activity, commune with nature; hiking, swimming, bike ride; at times perhaps a gym but it is crucial to connect with nature on some level several times a week.

  5. Faith -unwavering belief in being loved unconditionally by your higher power. Knowing without doubt that you are protected, not some of the time, but all the time. How much time do you dedicate to nurturing this faithful bond?

Group exercises:

1.On a sheet of paper write down the #1 thing that stresses you out. Then write down #1 thing that makes you feel loved. How much time did it take for you to decide on each? How much time have you dedicated to each in your life? Take into account avoidance of what stresses you out. Conversations to others before, during, and after the stress? The mental focus on any of it. Now do the same for what makes you feel loved? How often do you speak of it, and to whom; for how long? How often do you think of it?

2.Exchange of energy. Pair up, hands a few inches over hands; eyes closed 5 min exchange. Allow the universal energies to flow through you. What feelings arise? Imagery?

3.Healer, heal ThySelf. Trance steps into an open field, like in a meadow, and not too far in the distance you see a covered body on a table. As you walk toward the table, you can feel a slight breeze, hear the trees welcoming you..the grass underneath your footsteps supporting you. You gently remove the sheet and discover you are lying on the bed with your eyes closed.

Place your hands over the body and allow universal healing energy to flow through you onto your body:

-First hold your hands over your forehead-removing negative thoughts about others, yourSelf, and stressful situations. The universe will replace those with clear resolutions, starting with positive thoughts and wishes for everyone around you. Re-establishing a knowing that you are be-ing guided on your life’s journey.

-Gradually move your hands, hover over your throat and allow the universal healing energies to remove the use of negative counter productive words from your vocabulary, any and all hurtful words no longer belong in your speech. The universe will replace them with loving positive constructive words.

-Now hover your hands over your heart. Allow the universe to heal those wounds of past relationships. The power of unconditional love from the universe is healing the pain, regret, and misunderstandings from all your past relationships, those with family, friends, co-workers, and lovers. Now the healing extends to the relationship with yourSelf. Removing all negative thoughts and fears you have been carrying around; replacing them with knowledge of self worth, gratitude, compassion, and understanding. Your body is feeling lighter..

-Lastly, hover your hands over your abdomen, and breathe. Fill your abdomen then lungs with air, hold for a sec; then slowly exhale. Picture and feel the warmth of the Sun enter the room onto your body. Take a deep breath and fill your abdomen and lungs with air, hold for a sec; then slowly exhale-completely emptying yourself of air. Picture and feel the warm waters as rain gently falls from the sky. Fill your abdomen then lungs with air, hold for a sec; then slowly exhale. Feel a slight breeze blow over your body. Fill your abdomen then lungs with air, hold for a sec; then slowly exhale and awake.

Soulful Seeds - May topic: Be-ing Fear-less

“The cave you fear to enter holds the treasure you seek.”

-Joseph Campbell

Be-ing Fear-less

-by Omar Khayyam Yeldell

When rooted in your faith, grounded; know wholeheartedly you are protected by unconditional love.

Reveal your greatest fear...

Acknowledging your Thought patterns; how do you get to the point where you feel emotion before you think? The true meaning behind empathy.. Fear is a thought. Love is an emotion. If we change the way we think, we become fear-less. If we feel before we think-our actions are directed with love.

What are some of the fears we have been taught?

What are some of the fears we ourSelves have created?

Fear is God’s way of saying “Come back home.”

How far away are you from Be-ing home?

“Innate fears. We are born with only two innate fears:

The fear of falling and the fear of loud sounds.”

We can conclude that all other fears-we ourSelves create in our minds.

Society defines fear as an induced feeling in certain types of organisms once danger and/or a threat is perceived. Again-perception is a key factor in causing a change in metabolic and organ functions as well as a change in behavior, such as fleeing, hiding, or freezing from perceived traumatic events… (parts from Wikipedia)

Fear can however be a great motivator-forces us to act, often times quickly. It can also make us vulnerable enough to ask for help from someone. To experience Fear is necessary, but it is quite unhealthy to dwell, harbor, and succumb to any fear that compromises your faith.

As a lightworker-Fear is the ailment to be acknowledged first and foremost, not just in the client but in yourSelf as well. Revealing the Fear-making it known-vebalizing it dis-empowers it. Whether spoken out loud to someone else, or even to a trusted animal/pet, or any part of the universe; dis-empowers the Fear. The universe embraces your fear and sets into motion the ability to conquer it, overcome it, even to disassemble the creative energy used to construct it...and then use that bare energy to re-create something positive, powerful, and in-deed quite loving.


Trapped Energy

-by Omar Khayyam Yeldell

I have a growing concern for trapped energy being influential in an individual’s life, actually in all our lives. Trapped energy whether live or stagnant can first attract similar energy in an individual; once attracted it can then commence to engage/exchange and/or build a bond. It is crucial that trapped energy be freed by way of conversion. Energy does not cease to exist-it changes. If one could envision the universe consisting of creative and healing energy; as a lightworker, your stance would be that of facilitator; a catalyst for freeing, converting, and re-establishing positive healing energies where there is trapped energy.

Trapped energy can manifest in us physically in the form of stress, illness, dis-ease even. It can manifest itself in the condition of our homes as disorganization, clutter, becoming an unsafe dilapidated structure. Trapped energy can be very personal, but it can also be several lifetimes in the making. It can form from a single individual; it can form from a group - both from constant concentrated unhealthy energy. A solitary confined prison cell and an asylum are examples of concentrated unhealthy energy. The latter being magnified by the use of over prescribed medications and experi-mental treatments.

Prayer, meditation, willingness to initiate and facilitate the freeing and converting of trapped energy is a necessary task for the lightworker. Interestingly enough, the tall tale signs of trapped energy in individuals and homes are very noticeable. To the extent where they call out to the lightworker using various methods of identification. Colors, tones, sensibility, logic, temperature, sounds, heaviness, motion, vibration to name a few. All en-compass how nature-life represents itSelf within the universe. Once the lightworker embraces the role of an instrument of universal energy, he/she accesses the necessary means of identifying the trapped energy using any and/or all of the aforementioned methods.

It is also quite critical that the lightworker establish a list of tasks; a positive routine for an individual to re-create a positive cycle of energy. A gradual lifestyle change that includes proper diet, hydration, exercise, volunteering of time to assist others in need, engaging nature, meditation/prayer, and knowledge for the mind. Energy drainers identified as counter-productive must be made evident.

This healing process for trapped energy is not a cure. It is undeniably work - necessary work. Freeing and converting counter productive energy is beneficial to us, to our environment, and continues to assist in healing our planet.


Shamanic In-Sights

-by Omar Khayyam Yeldell

  1. When we accept Love as the only true emotion that exists and Fear as thought based; we then acknowledge the fact that we can overcome Fear by changing how we think.

  2. Love as the only true emotion, we can accept unconditional Love as existing without thought-without question.

  3. To live your life aligned with the universe-you must maintain a balance of Love of Self and Love of your fellow man/woman/child. Energy drainers find their way into our auras when we are pouring our all into helping others and giving very little to ourSelves. And vice versa-ignoring others and dwelling upon our own issues and vices.

  4. True empathy is positive loving action before thought.

  5. Our reflection appears many times a day in the eyes of those who see us. What do they see? Who do they see?

  6. It is not your profession, nor your financial accounts and property, not even your social circles or how much you know that define you. How many people you help..does.

  7. Fear is a great motivator, a consistent teacher, and God’s way of saying, “Come back home..”


Soulful Seeds 

Changing Perception

-by Omar Khayyam Yeldell

To truly believe you are no longer imprisoned or hopeless in any situation, it is key to "Sacrifice your Ego."
Truly surrender to your Higher power.

What does that "look" like?

What does that "feel" like?

Are you willing to be vulnerable?

Vulnerability associated with relinquishing the "control" you either strive for...wish you had...or claim to have.. Are you familiar with how it feels to let that go completely..blindly..faithfully to your Higher Power...??

Gratitude..how often do you acknowledge your blessings vs acknowledging and many times dwelling on what has gone wrong/what has not been going "right?" What are you most grateful for? How about thanking your higher power... How often do you wish blessings on others? Energy put out..10x back to you.

Story of Adam and Eve is one of perception.

"7 Then the eyes of both of them were opened, and they realized they were naked; so they sewed fig leaves together and made coverings for themselves. 8Then the man and his wife heard the sound of the LORD God as he was walking in the garden in the cool of the day, and they hid from the LORD God among the trees of the garden. 9 But the LORD God called to the man, “Where are you?” 10 He answered, “I heard you in the garden, and I was afraid because I was naked; so I hid.”11 And he said, “Who told you that you were naked? Have you eaten from the tree that I commanded you not to eat from?”

Knowledge of good and evil changed their perception of truth and gave them their first experience with Fear.

How do you/we regain that initial perception where we didnt "know" the truth...but lived it? The truth about ourSelves..true state of being.


naked = objective truth

sewn fig leaves to cover up = subjective truth

God = Higher Self

Adam and Eve prior to eating from the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil..existed in a pure state. After eating the forbidden fruit, we have a new awareness/perception and distance created,as well as our first biblical mention of fear.

If fear is mentioned in a creation myth..can we embrace the fact that we create our own fears when we distance ourSelves from God/Higher Power/Higher Self??

Like in any relationship, the bond, the love, the trust, and the understanding all take work to sustain. We must nurture our relationship with God/Universe/Higher Power.

Perception is reality.

If you do not like what you see...change how you see it.

There was/is a state of being as Lightworkers that we should strive to achieve. The state of Be-ing that Adam and Eve were living prior to gaining knowledge of good and evil. Prior to perceiving a dualistic reality. Good vs Evil, Light vs Dark, Fear vs Love...etc.

...a state of unconditional love..

(May 20th, topic is "Being Fearless")


Calling All LightWorkers

..back to basics by Omar Khayyam Yeldell

  These are interesting times we live in, to say the least. First and foremost let me say “All Souls Matter”..even those in animals. Seems like there are very definitive deep lines drawn in the sand regarding politics, religion, even social economics. We also have not reconciled racism or sexism in 2018; and to be honest, I do not see reconciliation as a society anytime soon on any of those topics. Yet there is this constant surge in LightWorkers; those choosing to uplift themselves spiritually in order to assist others in achieving their full spiritual potential. Or perhaps they simply feel compelled to assist others in the healing process. But for what? Better yet, for whom truly does the journey benefit? How do you measure success in LightWork?

  Although these questions seem to arise everytime I read a spiritual article or meet yet another LightWorker, I really had to take a step back and envision some mile markers along the calling; basic steps if you will; that everyone willing to embrace the work of the Light should initiate, incorporate into their lifestyle, and be diligent in maintaining.

The following four are essential:


  The belief in a higher power is a must. This is your anchor, the school from which your spirit guides, dream lessons, and destined purpose originate. Your steadfast and means to “grounding” yourSelf. When you are well rooted in your faith, a means to communicate and assist others in a completely different faith can and will open up. The energy and commonality found in any belief system at its core connect us all. This is not a converting but a sharing of insights and experiences. Wrong and Right in the traditional judgmental sense has no place here. Ultimately, deep-seated faith is the flame from which the light comes from within and outside of ourselves.


  We would do ourselves a huge favor in realizing Love is the only true emotion. Meaning, it permeates from our center; from our soul. We were all created in love and with love. Love of self is just as crucial as the love of fellow man/woman/child/animal/nature. Love is an unstoppable force when given unconditionally. Love is the only consistent and effective counter to Fear which resides in our minds, many times wrapped in our Egos. The Light work was here before you arrived and I assure you will be here once you leave..awaiting your return of course. Everyone needs love and recognizes genuine love. It bypasses the mental, excludes it altogether in some cases and simply warms the center-connects souls with an indestructible energy. This is the key to uplifting souls-unconditional love. Fear is unveiled and exposed as life lessons under these loving conditions and the initiate as LightWorker truly surrenders completely. An objective view of dualities is achieved.


  Creating a lifestyle where proper nutrition, hydration, exercise, and rest play a crucial part is extremely important and must be maintained. When working with universal energy, we present ourSelves as an instrument for which the healing energies can flow through and assist in the healing process. Balanced diets, plenty of water, and of course rest. Improper care can and will lead to fatigue, illness, and even dis-ease. Exercise does not need to be intense but should include meditation and breathing routines. It is imperative that as a LightWorker you have a complete understanding of how universal healing energy works through you and does not come from you. Lack of this understanding can impair both you and the subject in need of healing. There is no room for Ego, or “I heal”.. Or feeling like you are the only one that can assist any individual. The universe is vast and I assure you there are plenty of LightWorkers that can assist any individual in need if you should be resting or needing downtime.


 I have met quite a few LIghtWorkers with little to no concern for modern day life. Politics, religion, even local events transpiring in their communities that are not of a “spiritual” nature; they just are not interested. It is as if they are lost within a spiritual Utopia of sorts, some going as far as to label and treat anything outside of said Utopia as negative. Insert mantra “All Souls Matter.” If any group of individuals is in need of Universal healing energies it is the politicians, the religious sects, and those championing positive local change within their communities. Promote yourself and make yourself available. The universe will handle the rest by sending you those that would benefit from the Light Work. Let us as LightWorkers eliminate the walls of perception that keep us spiritually segregated.

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