“Today, in order to establish a connection with God/Universe you MUST embrace and lead with the feminine energies. We should understand that any relationship with God/Universe, when established; arrives with a need to be nurtured as we pursue balance in both masculine and feminine energies. We are currently living in a time where the ancient Goddess worship (humankind’s original form of worship) is resurging from the depths of our souls...demanding we remember, embrace, and acknowledge the prominent powers of the feminine energies from eons ago...
The time is NOW for the masculine energies to sleep and dream of the feminine energies; vividly. He yelled for what seemed an eternity, as she remained silent. She will now dance, as he stands still in awe of her grace…”
-excerpt from my upcoming lecture: RELATIONSHIPS How To Spiritually Develop, Nurture, and Learn from them.. by modern day Shaman Omar Khayyam Yeldell

MONDAY Feb 10th, 2020 at 7p-9pET

"Spirituality In The LGBTQ+ Community"

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Join me, modern day Shaman Omar Khayyam Yeldell; as I discuss “Spirituality in the LGBTQ+ Community” on the Spirit Guided L.I.F.E. Podcast, Feb 10th, 2020 at 7p-9p. My special guests, who are part of the LGBTQ+ community; (and are also my siblings) will share their personal experiences and perspectives on spirituality. Achilles Yeldell is the author of “Raised By The Bar,” his self published memoir. Manny DeJesus is a social worker at the Kings County District Attorney's Office in Brooklyn, and Dita Parlow is acquiring a BA in Special Needs Education.
What challenges did they face when coming out? How impactful was/is spirituality in their lifestyles? How does spirituality help them deal with criticisms, lack of acceptance, and discrimination? Callers are encouraged to dial in and share their opinions, experiences, and questions.
This show is about having a voice.. About personal truth. We live in times where various outlets try and think for us, but at the same time promote divisiveness. I believe it is within our personal stories that we find similarities… at the core as to what we need, daily struggles of faith, challenges with love of self, love of others. I think it is crucial to understand other perspectives, even if we do not agree. In order to understand another perspective we have to implement “active listening”.. Not formulating a response while the other person is speaking..but instead really concentrate on what is being said. The meaning, the purpose, the tone..the message.
Spirit told me what better way to share experiences than recruiting my siblings, two brothers who are gay, Achilles and Manny; and also my transgender sister Dita. Just the negative comments alone that were posted when I initially advertised this podcast show..let me know..this is indeed a much needed topic to be discussed.  To expose the chaos, confusion, misinformation, religious condemnation, being bullied, ousted..and in extreme cases tortured and killed because of their sexual preference, sexual orientation, or gender identity not just in our nation but worldwide, is a huge problem. 
Bios and Pics
Achilles Yeldell
When he was 23, Achilles moved to New York City where he became a true aspiring writer cliche. In 2019, he self-published his memoir, "Raised by the Bar" which covers his 20 years working at Manhattan's biggest gay bar. He now lives in Quakertown, PA writing his next book, "Raised by the Barn."
Manny DeJesus
Emmanuel DeJesus is a Social Worker currently working at the Kings County District Attorney's Office in Brooklyn. He has a dual Masters degree in Clinical Social Work and Community Organizing from the Silberman School of Social Work. He is currently finishing a Masters degree in Educational Psychology at Hunter College.
He has worked within the social services sector for the last 14 years providing services to various communities including survivors of domestic violence, homeless LGBTQ Youth, children survivors of sexual and physical abuse, and family members of homicide victims, amongst others. He aspires to enter the department of education as a school clinical social worker to specifically work in a newcomers high school in NYC. 
Dita Parlow
Dita Parlow is currently residing in Miami FL. She received her Associate's degree in Education, Spring 2016 and is working on her BA in Special Needs Ed at MDC.

The Shamanic Mentoring Program

I started mentoring mid-Spring this year and have received several requests to make the program official. The mentoring program is for both teens 13-17yrs and adults 18+ and include one-on-one spiritual lessons at $20hr. Lessons are generally 1-2hrs long, but can be altered to adjust to your schedule. Although there will be some mentoring indoors, several of the lessons will be outdoors, active learning, developing and using spiritual gifts; a hands on approach. 
Some of the lessons provided: Communicating with spirits Dream interpretations Communing with nature Conducting Shadow work Healing of self and others How to read energy: people, furniture, photos, items..etc Establish and nurture a relationship with your spirit guide(s)
If interested or have questions, please contact me at:  (727) 244-0650 or via email at: DesateConsultations@gmail.com
~many blessings Omar Khayyam Yeldell - modern day Shaman


The Shamanic Ripple

by Omar KhayyamYeldell
From an origin so deep, to trace its beginning would take forever and a day and yet I have no choice but to start there. Or is that, start here in the Now. Just outside the Now is a pulse, a breath. Both play off each other at times in rhythm, but most often than not; out of sync.
In a battle of most needed to survive the storm of waves that continuously pounds at my being for the sake of validating my physical existence. Waves of emotions like the feeling of wonderment, curiosity, and sadness; all switch in a second to joy, happiness, and purpose. Emotionally embracing my surroundings without question; without hesitation despite the fear. But then comes the visions, the gift from an unknown giver who I only see occasionally when I close my eyes.
The warning came in the moment before the giver retreated and within the one motion branded my soul once again, a servant. To see pain is to witness undoubtedly universal energies twisting, turning, recreating, redefining fear and re-establishing love. The empathic touch however crushes me and holds my breath hostage. The warmth only seems to validate the need to remain connected. Connected we are one and love will acknowledge that I hope.
Backwards I float on a whisper, above the busy cold bodies that are over-filled with purpose, demands, and time constraints. They all think through me as I quiet my own mind and enter the world of light dreams and dark shadows.

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