Listed below are the lectures I conduct and a brief description. Upcoming lectures and locations are also posted.
Please contact me at DesateConsultations@gmail.com if interested in hosting a lecture at your location or home.
Omar Khayyam Yeldell is the founder of Desate Spiritual Consultations. He is a modern-day Shaman, Empath, Spiritual Consultant, and Spiritual Paranormal Investigator. The Philadelphia native of psychic lineal descent was born clairvoyant and empathic. Omar invested several decades studying the occult, world religions, and ancestral dream Shamanism. He is also a Reiki/Shamanic healer, web author, host of monthly podcast "Spirit Guided L.I.F.E., and owner of Spirit Guided Tours.
He has lectured at the Enlightened Soul Center, Crazy Wisdom Bookstore, and Evenstar's Chalice. Omar has a very unique style of lecturing that blends spiritualism, real-life experiences, humor, and Shamanic insights. Aside from lecturing, he regularly conducts spiritual home cleansings, where he identifies and assists with the removal of any and all negative energies, entities, and influences that are adversely impacting your home, family, and lifestyle.
Contact info: 727-244-0650 DesateConsultations@gmail.com

How To Spiritually Cleanse Your Home Workshop

Many of us understand the importance of clearing negative energies from around us and establishing a sacred space for positive energies to manifest and flourish as intended by the Universe. This undertaking at times can be quite challenging, especially in our own homes. Are you dealing with a negative presence that refuses to leave? Can you sense some dark energy lingering from the previous occupant? Or did you unintentionally bring a presence home one day, that is quite disruptive? Perhaps you often feel you are being watched or awakened at odd hours?
Join modern day Shaman Omar Khayyam Yeldell for this very informative spiritual workshop, as he shares experiences and insights on how to overcome these challenges. He will discuss empowering ways to reclaim your sacred space from negative energies and unwanted influences. The workshop will also identify the various entities that are often encountered, best practices for removal, and how to cleanse and spiritually secure your home.
Where: Davison Holistic Therapies 921 N State Rd, Davison, MI 48423
When: Saturday January 25th, 2020 7p-9p 
Cost: $20 at the door or click link below to purchase tickets online.
Omar K. Yeldell is a modern day Shaman, paranormal investigator, empath, clairvoyant, reiki healer, and founder of Desate Spiritual Consultations and Spirit Guided L.I.F.E. Podcast   Contact info: 727-244-0650 desateconsultations@gmail.com 

Encountering Thoughtforms and Spirit Attachments

Have you ever felt as though something with ill intentions is attached to you? Have you ever witnessed a loved one on numerous occasions do things totally out of character that caused harm? Do you believe your life is trapped in a downward spiral of discord and misfortune?
Thought-forms or Spirit Attachments may be the cause…
Join Omar Khayyam Yeldell, a modern-day shaman, as he shares his own experiences and those of clients he has helped. He will be discussing the origins of thought-forms and spirit attachments, such as external and internal entry points; how to identify them, and the symptoms caused by their influence in our lives like personality changes​. Most importantly, Omar will cover how to cleanse and protect yourself from these negative forces.​
Where: Davison Holistic Therapies 921 N State Rd, Davison, MI 48423 When: Saturday December 28, 2019 at 6p-8p Cost: $20 at the door or in advance at: Eventbrite-Online Advance Tickets for Lecture
Bio: Omar Khayyam Yeldell is a modern-day shaman, empath, spiritual paranormal investigator, Reiki healer, and clairvoyant. He is also the founder of Desate Spiritual Consultations as well as his newest venture: Spirit Guided L.I.F.E. podcast. He specializes in clearing negative energies surrounding you and within your home. Universal healing energies use Omar as an instrument in this process. He has the ability to see and communicate with thought-forms, manifestations, deceased loved ones, ghosts, spirits, and other beings. 

Lecture Topics + Brief Description

Healing The Shadow Self
How to Raise Your Vibration
Spiritual Tools for Protection
Developing YourSpiritual Gifts
True Tales of the Paranormal vol 1
How to Spiritually Cleanse Your Home
Encountering Thoughtforms and Spirit Attachments

Healing The Shadow Self:
Delve into the shadowy parts of Self that we often time negelect and/or deny even exists. Learn the importance of acknowledging, accepting, and ultimately integrating our darker traits in order to improve upon them and create a more loving and whole person.
How to Raise Your Vibration:
This lecture highlights the negative thought patterns and behavioral routines we have created throughout our lives that contain low vibrational energy. Insights are shared on how to dismantle the low vibrational energies and replace with higher vibrational energies to improve, health, mind set, and overall lifestyle.
Encountering Thoughtforms and Spirit Attachments:
Our thought processes and patterns create forms that influence us and our daily lives. These Thought-forms also attract spirits of the same like energy. In this lecture, learn how to manage your own thought forms as well as how to rid yourself of unwanted spirit attachments and their harmful influences upon your life.
Spiritual Tools for Protection:
Many of us use some form of spiritual tool for protection; crosses, amulets, crystals, insence oil..etc; but how do they really work? What is the driving force behind these spiritual tools and are we using them correctly? In this lecture I address various forms of spiritual protection, proper usage, and what role your faith plays in being protected. 
Developing Your Spiritual Gifts:
We are all born with spiritual gifts and often times use them without even knowing. My lecture on spiritual gifts focuses on specific gifts such as empathy, dreams, premonitions, and intuition; again which we all have and use. Learn how to embrace these gifts and develop them to assist you daily in improving your quality of living and spirituality.
True Tales of the Paranormal vol 1:
I discuss four paranormal cases I took part in. This lecture includes pictures/drawings and is a great way of learning and seeing how negative external forces can influence your life and those around you, in order to cause chaos and major disruption.
How to Spiritually Cleanse Your Home:
The most popular lecture thus far; I discuss the home environment and how it is our energy manifested. I also list several conditions within your home that attract negative energies/entities and how to counter them. I will address lifestyle changes that are necessary to create a more positive loving home for you and your family.

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