If you would like a spiritual cleanse of your home, property, land, or apt; please contact me to set up a date and time. Here are the conditions upon which a spiritual cleanse is highly recommended:
  • Constantly feeling uncomfortable and unsafe in your home
  • Deteriorating conditions of your home and property
  • Unwanted paranormal activity
  • Sightings of shadowy figures
  • Unsettling voices and/or sounds being heard often
  • Stagnant life; no forward progression in life goals
  • Moving into a new place or moving out of your home
  • Death of an occupant or family/friend
  • Constant state of anxiety, nausea, insomnia, or sickness
You are not required to provide supplies or tools for the cleanse; I will bring everything needed. This is no longer a free service - so please contact me regarding price which is determined by the scope of the work needed to complete the cleanse and travel expenses. Average cleanse is about 3hrs.
Contact Info:Omar Khayyam Yeldell  727-244-0650 DesateConsultations@gmail.com
(based out of Ann Arbor/Ypsilanti, MI)
I am currently offering spiritual home cleanses via online for those living outside of Michigan. If you reside in Michigan, please contact me and inquire about my services and if an in-person visitation is possible. (Travel fees may apply depending on distance.)
For online home cleansings:
  1. You will receive an invoice for $60 via email, to be paid for the spiritual home cleanse.
  2. Email photos or video of your home and contact info to: DesateConsultations@gmail.com
  3. Please include any pertinent details such concerning feelings in your home, any knowledge of previous occupant, if anyone has passed in the home, pets that live with you, dreams that stand out while residing there, any and all paranormal activity..etc
  4. Receive instructions within 24-48hrs via email and/or phone on what to do and how to cleanse your home based on the read of the photos/videos submitted. Follow up emails/phone calls are included in this service.
  5. Conducting the home tour, as well as my read and instructions; can also be done via ZOOM. If this is your preferred method, please state so in the email you send so we can coordinate a time/date to conduct the Zoom.
I have been conducting spiritual home cleansings for over ten years. Using my spiritual gifts as a Shaman, I have assisted in the healing process for numerous families that were struggling to keep their home safe from negative energies/entities. This may appear as a service, but in the bigger picture what you receive with me is a lasting relationship dedicated to improving the family energy as a unit and raising the overall spiritual vibration within your home.
Modern Day Shaman Omar Khayyam Yeldell