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To book a healing session please contact me directly via 727-244-0650 or
Below are the healing sessions availabe.
Here are some of the comments from clients that attended our free sessions at the Enlightened Soul Center on April 19th, 2019:
"Thank you for your help and understanding! I learned alot thank you! God bless Happy Easter!" -B.B.
"This was my 1st session, I feel better afterwards because Jennifer and Omar nailed it! I also feel better knowing which chakras to work on." -A.B.
"Great job! Enormous insight. Really told me some things to help me move forward which is what I want/need! Thank you!" -H.M.
"Very much on the mark for where I need to focus my attention! Thank you." -S.K.
"Spot on. Thank you for your gifts to the world!<3" -G.M.
"Delightful session. By the end I felt energy like candle wicks running everywhere. Thank you!" -A.C.
Chamaki is a fusion of Usui Reiki and Dream Shamanism. The healing session is simple yet effective. Jennifer uses Usui reiki to meaure andadjust the 7 major chakras while Omar uses Shamanism to address any harmful entry points into your energy field. He also scans for any negative ThoughtForms and spirit attachments.
The overall objective is to identify and heal any counter productive energies and entities within your energy field, whether caused internally or externally, or both.
Chamaki rates are a $1 a min: 30mins/$30, 45mins/$45 or 60mins/$60
**Additional charges may apply for home visits depending on travel distance.**

Shamanic Dreamstate

Dreamstate involves me accessing other realms and dimensions in order to obtain information that will aid in finding a resolve to challenges or issues you are experiencing.
Akashic records and past lives, depths of the shadow self, spirit guides and animals, attachments and spiritual influencers, Thought forms and entities, and deceased loved ones; are all made accessible while in Dreamstate and provide origins to issues and challenges being experienced.
Spiritual Consultations which include Dreamstate, Rates: 30 mins/$40  60 mins/$80

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