We are currently in the middle of a global pandemic and the major focus has been of a reactive nature based on fear. From a higher perspective, however, a great opportunity to heal has presented itself. As many of us find ourselves confined to our homes; homes which are products of our manifestation; and in many cases, we are also with members of our soul group. What we do during this time of crisis is what will speak for our faith. Therefore, going forward, I will refer to this “pandemic crisis” as an opportunity to heal. Either you will become complacent in a reactive role and lead with fear-based criticisms or you will be proactive, embrace the opportunity to lead with empathy and heal yourSelf, others, and our planet. 
My intention with this H.O.P.E. series of musings is to aid with the latter spiritual process and I will be sharing insights in the seriestwice a week; Sundays and Wednesdays.
The acronym H.O.P.E. is as follows:
H - Healer, Heal ThySelf 
O - Own Your Mind
P - Proper Home Cleanse
E - Empathy Is Key
Healer, Heal ThySelf: under this title, I will offer insights on how to identify, release, reset, and rejuvenate energy that needs healing in this manner; specific to healers, readers, and practitioners. (Grounding, Breathing, Chakras, Affirmations, Meditations)
Own Your Mind: under this title, I will offer insights into the power of our thoughts. How to gain control over this powerful manifesting tool we all have. (Ego, Manifestations, Dreams, Envisioning)
Proper Home Cleanse: under this title, I will give tips and best practices on how to spiritually cleanse your home and property. How to remove negative energy and entities; how to maintain a high vibration within your home and property. (Intention, Law of attraction, Spiritual Tools, Spiritual Occupants)
Empathy Is Key: under this title, I will share insights on how to conquer fear, anger, and self criticisms by leading with empathy. How to communicate from the heart center; how to use active listening from the heart center.  (Power of Love, Miracles, Empath)
Each section will have insights pertaining to the title/subject; every posting will be different. The H.O.P.E. series will be posted twice a week, Sundays and Wednesdays on the homepage of my website: Desate Spiritual Consultations
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"Be brave enough to heal yourSelf even when it hurts."
-Bianca Sparacino "The Strength In Our Scars"
H - Spiritual Bypassing
Spiritual bypassing is "using spiritual ideas and practices to avoid coming face to face with one’s own challenges of unresolved psychological and emotional issues,". A Buddhist teacher and psychotherapist, named John Welwood introduced the term in the early 1980s. I believe this is something we are all guilty of. It is a lot easier to remain high in the clouds spiritually and claim to have a better perspective simply because you are “removed” from the lower vibrational activities and consequences. We tend to paint with a very wide spiritual brush and pass along the most challenging and troubling issues we encounter to the Universe/God/Our Higher Power; as if to suggest it is no longer in our hands, it no longer has power or control over us… we turned it over completely and can now focus on lighter issues..happier times. Everything is in divine order. (But is it???)
This is one of several ways of practicing spiritual bypass. As healers, readers, and practitioners we cannot avoid the very real benefits of facing our own challenging issues head-on. Feeling these emotions can be expected, but the key is to refrain from wallowing in these low emotions. It is ok to feel fear, worry, insecurity, even depressed; this means, after all, you are simply human. This place of healing within oneself is where empowerment can be found, the courage to confront ego, expose fears, and experience humility. It is important to truly understand and live your life believing, we are all connected. We struggle together, we survive together, we share compassion for each other. 
O - The Shadow Self
The shadow self in that lower portion of consciousness that we tend to hide for various reasons from the public’s eye; even from ourselves depending on its purpose and meaning. In literature, the shadow self would be the “Mr. Hyde”...in “Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde.” The shadow self can consist of traits, memories, even emotions we have suppressed or have been repressed because it did not meet approval. For example, an artist receives harsh criticisms for his self-portrait... Due to this criticism, he no longer does self-portraits. Upon seeing other artists’ self-portraits, he becomes very critical of their work and projects his unresolved pain regarding his own self-portrait criticism onto others.
It is crucial that we spend time really getting to know our shadow self. With brutal honesty and being open-minded, one can really tackle issues stored in the shadow self. Realize no one is perfect, we all have flaws, issues, and shortcomings. We all have experienced pain, regret, and anger. Where do these painful emotions and energy go? If not properly healed, what do they manifest within us? 
P - Raising Vibration
Raising the vibration of your home is the closest thing to having peace of mind and truly tranquil home. The struggles with negative influences are very minimal. Like attracts like so if the overall vibration of your home is high..that is the energy it will attract. Low vibrational energies will find no “food” and therefore will not stay. They will become the exception, passing through to test your faith and stability. Once a high vibration is the norm, exception are spotted quicker and dealt with immediately and efficiently.
Here are a few things that maintain a high vibration within your home:
1) Any activity that produces genuine laughter
2) Home-cooked meals, several people helping; bless the food
3) Music that initiates smiles, laughter, good memories, and dancing
4) Any form of home improvement Nurturing relationships with plants and pets
E - Creating A Healing Space
We all have relationships in need of healing. Some are personal, some are the relationship we have with ourselves. Even our role with Mother Nature/ Planet Earth can use some healing. What are some of the principles to keep in mind when initiating healing? One that was revealed to me a couple of years ago has to do with creating “space” for the healing to take place. A space that is free of expectations and free of any need to own the results.
The only things you need to bring along are honesty, empathy, and faith. The key is to approach a person or situation with honesty, admitting and owning your responsibility in its existence. Once you can acknowledge your role, lead with empathy in creating space for the healing.. This space symbolizes your intent to heal, but with no judgment or expectation for the other person’s response. Speak from your center, listen with your center, but have faith in the process not necessarily in the other person’s response. Everyone is on a different timeframe when it comes to healing, forgiveness, even with handling the truth about themselves… This is where faith comes into play. Have faith in the process. That person may or may not come around and participate in the healing process, but that is up to them. The healing you initiated still assists you along your journey of improving your relationships with others.
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"The wound is the place where the Light enters you." -Rumi
Healer, Heal ThySelf
Root Chakra : The Root Chakra (Muladhara) correlates to being grounded and is located base of the spine. It represents instinct, survival, the “fight or flight” responses. The root chakra should be considered as our foundation and guides our life force to the other chakras. If this chakra is not balanced, it can set an unstable tone for the other chakras. Insecurities and nervousness will be at the forefront when it is underactive, but when overactive, fits of anger, easily annoyed, and attempts to control people are some of the signs. 
Best practices to balance the root chakra involves communing with nature; anything that involves connecting and nurturing the relationship with Mother Nature. Bare feet touching grass or the ground. Refocusing on your life’s purpose vs materialistic things. Realizing the bigger picture... You are an instrument for the universe to use and flow unconditional healing love through... A process which heals both you and those you assist.
The root chakra is associated with the color red and therefore red foods and balancing intent can help stabilize this very important chakra. Red apples, strawberries, red beets, red cabbage, and eating vegetables from the ground such as potatoes, carrots. You can also set the intention of healing and balancing the root chakra by wearing red clothing.
Own Your Mind
Sacrifice the Ego The Ego is defined as.. “a person’s sense of self-esteem or self-importance. The part of the mind that mediates between the conscious and the unconscious and is responsible for reality testing and a sense of personal identity.” It is the “I” every person has. The ego is life’s learning plan for us all. How to overcome the unhealthy ego and consciously come to the realization that it is an illusion. There truly is no “I”...we are all connected. All meaning people, animals, nature, planet...everything is connected through energy. This realization or awakening to higher consciousness is not possible until the Ego is sacrificed. Not an easy task as its main function is guaranteeing its own survival. It makes for a formidable opponent being as though it can access your fears, memories, insecurities, as well as your desires, imagination, pride, and fantasies.
The ego is your biggest fan and ally. It will convince you with ease into doing something solely in your best interest. But therein lies the very means of sacrificing the ego. Putting others’ needs before your own. Replace “I” for “We”... Align your intentions with those of the universe. This takes eradicating old thought patterns you were either taught and/or adopted through life experiences. Removing these counterproductive thought patterns then frees up energy to focus on a lifestyle change of helping others and nurturing relationships.
Proper Home Cleanse
Power of Sea Salt Sea salt, preferable the Himalayan or Celtic type; contains properties that force negative spiritual influences to back off for a period of time. In almost every home cleansing or shamanic healing, I am involved with I always recommend the use of sea salt baths. It can be compared to a self baptism; a reclaiming of one’s body, spirit, mind, and overall energy. The baths are not a cure, but they will provide a 24-48hr window with negative spiritual influences barred from accessing your energy field. 
All that is required is a palm-full (½ cup) to add to a warm bath..let dissolve. Have a written affirmation you composed that includes a command of spiritual freedom, peace of mind, and a belief you are loved unconditionally by the universe. Say the affirmation out loud, then submerge into the tub. If the tub is long enough, submerge completely, holding your breath for a few seconds, allowing the water to cover your entire body. If the tub is not long enough, submerge half your body...then the other half.
If you do not own a tub, purchase a sea salt bar of soap and shower with it. Cover your entire body while saying your affirmation. This can be followed up by burning incense; frankincense and myrrh is a good mix to burn. I do not recommend using sea salt or any salt to create a barrier around objects, people, or homes. Leave this practice to the professionals that remove negative entities so you do not make the mistake of sealing them in instead of out.
Empathy Is Key
True Forgiveness Empathy is at the core of forgiveness and is in my top three ways to raise your vibration. A lot of folks assume forgiveness means meeting someone who has wronged you face to face and forgiving their wrongdoing. In other words, giving them a pass. “They’re the ones who did me wrong, they need to apologize to me!” is the usual response. Forgiveness is a process that involves everyone, including you; in removing heavy counterproductive energy that simply weighs on the mind, heart, to the point where it can and will cause physical ailments and mental obsessions. Anger is pain turned inside out and many times we hold on to that anger to mask the pain; to show everyone we have been hurt, wronged, and have yet to feel justice has been served (in our favor). Then there are those who claim to forgive but will never forget. They will bring up the very incident they forgave you for..every argument and chance it is convenient for them. 
What does it mean to truly forgive and what are the benefits? The most important thing true forgiveness brings is a shift in power. You no longer empower a person and/or incident to weigh you down and occupy time, energy and focus better suited in healing. You reclaim your energy and allow empathy to take the lead. People in pain do painful things. It is imperative that forgiveness is given in order to stop reliving painful moments and instead learn from them; heal from them. You can write a forgiveness letter, just make sure you forgive yourself as well as others involved. We oftentimes are harder on ourselves and forget we need forgiveness as well. Instead of beating yourself up or harshly critiquing your mistakes and failures...forgive yourself and acknowledge the courage it takes to venture out on ideas.
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In Gnostic esotericism the processes of Christ’s life, passion, death, and resurrection are a call for each one of us to make that same sacrifice for love of humanity. Easter is a time for profound contemplation of the transformative and redemptive power of the universal cosmic Christ force." -Easter and the Spring Equinox, Gnosticmuse.com
Healer, Heal ThySelf
Everything starts and ends with a breath. Breath is life... When one truly dedicates their life to healing, the universe responds with challenges to overcome. It is within victories over the challenges that we find endurance, stronger faith, and the experience to uplift our spirit and the spirits of those around us. One of the greatest practices as healers we must do regularly is grounding. Controlled purposeful breathing while bathing in the universal healing energies. Set your intention to simply breathe and ground your energy.
Get in a comfortable position, close your eyes, and breathe. Breathe in through the nostrils, feel your diaphragm rise, hold for a second or two, then exhale through your mouth slowly. Repeat. Notice when stressed, upset, angry or in pain; our breathing noticeably changes and feels like we are breathing from the chest region, in some cases; it may feel like our breath does not even go beyond the throat area. Short breaths impede our ability to remain rational, stable, and under control. The time to practice proper breathing and grounding is now and will definitely raise your vibration.
Own Your Mind
There is a lot of focus on fear currently and it is not easy to avoid. All the traps of old thought patterns and criticisms will arise only to match the fear-based information we are being fed constantly by the media as well as frightened friends and family, The negative overload can truly rattle your energy and have you continuously implementing counterproductive thoughts that only magnify the fear, the pessimism, and doubtful future. It is imperative that you set parameters as to what you allow your mind to be subjected to and absorb. Television and social media right now are the two biggest culprits of overloading your mind..which then influences your emotional, physical and even spiritual state of being. Make an effort to unplug from those sources of information every so often. The disconnect from those sources is not just a break but a reclaim of ownership.
This is your mind, peace of mind to be exact; that is being bombarded and subjected to fear-based information, images, and energy. To own a peaceful mind, you must feed it peaceful imagery, music, art..etc. Stop allowing your mind to be compromised or even seized upon by artificial poisonous sources designed to impede your quality of life.
Proper Home Cleanse
Spiritually cleansing our homes is a huge passion of mine and during this opportunity to heal, two things seemed to come to the forefront to assist us once we place focus and action toward them. The first to incorporate indoors, as we continue to welcome Spring; are plants. Plants help circulate the air, complements our sacred space with living energy we can exchange with, they also aid in grounding. For example, Aloe is well known for its healing properties but also removes formaldehyde from the air and Ferns do the same with xylene. English Ivy purifies benzene and trichloroethylene; Spider plant reduces carbon monoxide while filtering similar organic chemical compounds. 
The second element to incorporate indoors is pictures of family, friends, and pets.. Take an inventory of what photos you have up... Maybe switch some out; make sure you have a mix of past and present photos. The frames are clean, purposeful, and are sitting or hanging in places you can exchange energy with. Photos snap and capture a small portion of energy and therefore can help uplift our spirits and moods when we come in contact with them. This will offset some of the effects of social distancing and stay at home orders.
Empathy Is Key
During this time of opportunity to heal, finding folks less fortunate is not hard. Be grateful for what you have but also be willing to give to the less fortunate. Putting others before yourself is a way of life, not just a one-time act. Considering others before yourSelf initiates blessings to you and those you assist.  Empathy is defined as “the ability to understand and share the feelings of another.” Love, empathy, and compassion are the only true counters to fear. When you lead with empathy, however, it is not just thoughts and words, but action that follows. Empathic leaders often  lead from within and have no need for harsh judgments. Determine what you are good at or passionate about and use this to help others. Even putting a smile on someone’s face is considered a miracle.
"There are two basic motivating forces: fear and love. When we are afraid, we pull back from life. When we are in love, we open to all that life has to offer with passion, excitement, and acceptance. We need to learn to love ourselves first, in all our glory and our imperfections. If we cannot love ourselves, we cannot fully open to our ability to love others or our potential to create. Evolution and all hopes for a better world rest in the fearlessness and open-hearted vision of people who embrace life." -John Lennon
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